Are you submitting a paper to a major journal? Finishing a book manuscript for an international publisher? Or working on a project proposal for a national funding organisation, perhaps the Leverhulme or the Wellcome Trust? Perhaps a piece of your work has recently been translated?

Of course, you want your English to be perfect.

That’s where copy-editing comes in. Any grammatical mistakes will be erased, while leaving your arguments and personal style intact. The end result will be clear, concise, and will truly reflect the quality of your ideas.

I copy-edit and proofread papers and manuscripts in all areas of philosophy, art history, and art theory. Because I specialise, I can deal with complex philosophical issues and difficult philosophical language; I firmly believe that philosophy can be clear without sacrificing complexity.

No project is too large or small: I edit abstracts, book manuscripts, and everything in between.

How Does it Work?

You’ll send me your manuscript or paper electronically, and I’ll carefully go through it for grammatical and stylistic mistakes. I’ll highlight anything that’s not totally clear, and make suggestions for better expression.

I work in Microsoft Word, using the ‘track changes’ application, so you’ll be able to clearly see every change I suggest. We’ll work together to finalise your work — I’m always happy to explain or clarify any changes, and to recheck any sections you’d like to alter.

What’s Included?

  • Checking and correcting your English
  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Highlighting unclear sentences or sections, and suggesting improvements
  • Proofreading for typographic mistakes
  • Explanation and clarification of my changes
  • Applying your publisher’s house style

How Long Does it Take?

I pride myself on a quick turnaround. I can usually return papers of up to 15,000 words within two days. If you need something sooner, please ask and I’ll always try to accommodate you.

Bibliographies, Indexing, and Formatting

I can also prepare your manuscript for publication. I’ll compile your bibliography, create an index, and format your work if necessary.


I usually charge a penny a word for copy-editing — that’s £10 for every 1000 words — but I offer discounts for students and larger projects. Bibliographies, indexes, and formatting are charged at an hourly rate.

Please get in touch for a quote. I’m very happy to provide a free 500-word sample to show you how copy-editing could significantly improve your work, so please send a short extract along with your word count and deadline.